24 Jul 2017

Welcome to 123 Rosettes

About Me and 123 Rosettes

I have spent most of my life trying to win rosettes, and with some success. My 13.2 Cob, Brandy and I enjoyed Endurance Riding in our earlier years, but Brandy is now 21 and looking for an easier life. In recent years I have been breeding and showing Himalayan Guinea Pigs and last year started Dog Agility with our 3 year old Collie called Cassie. We all look forward to participating in our chosen pastime and I believe all of us secretly want to win First Prize. For me, there is the thrill of competing but the highlight of the day has to be being presented with a rosette. Over the years I have received many rosettes, some of which have been works of art and to be cherished for ever. Others have been quite disappointing quality and sort of takes the edge off what should have been a perfect end to the day.

I recently started 123 Rosettes with the ethos that every rosette, whether First or Runner Up should be the best quality possible. All of our rosettes are made from the highest quality materials in our own studio. We try to source British Made components and pride ourselves in offering what we consider to be some of the finest rosettes on the market. Our online ordering site allows our customers to sit down quietly and order stock or custom made rosettes anytime of the day or night.

We can also offer assistance in designing a special rosette for your event or occasion. If you wish to speak with us regarding your needs, please feel free to call Carl or I as we would love to hear from you.

Lisa Obern MD